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In diving, the aim is to jump off a platform or diving board, in the best possible movement. It is also the intention to get as few splashes as possible when hitting the water. It is a combination of gymnastics, acrobatics and trampoline jumping, but in a swimming pool.

There are different heights from which you can jump.
You can jump from the 1 or 3 meter (spring-loaded) diving board or from the fixed jumping tower for even more height meters. The jumping tower has platforms at 5m, 7.5m and 10m height.
Diving is a water sport that involves jumping into the water as beautifully as possible from a plank or platform. Somersaults and twists can be made here.


6 different jump shapes can be performed.001 schoonspringen 1
For example, you can jump forwards, backwards, counter and inwards.
You can also jump in a screw jump. And finally, you can also jump with a handstand, but this only happens from a jumping tower.
The jumps can then be performed straight, angulated, crouched or in a free position. There are codes for all these jumps. There are more than 80 different jumps that can be performed.
The jumps are indicated by codes. Below is a brief explanation of those codes.
The first number indicates the direction in which the jump will be jumped:

• 1=forward
• 2=backward
• 3=contra
• 4=inward
• 5=screw
• 6=handstand

The postures of a jump are represented by letters:

• A=stretched
• B=angled
• C=crouch
• D=free attitude

There is a difficulty factor with every jump. The harder the jump, the higher the difficulty factor.

Rating of the jumps

In competitions, the jury judges the jump first on the coding, for which jump will be performed and what the degree of difficulty is. Then on the implementation.
The jury looks at the starting position, the jump itself, but also the landing.
If you make as few splashes in the water as possible, this will score better.
The assessment takes place by a minimum of five judges with marks that increase by half a point from 0 to 10.
Of the points given by 5 judges, the highest and lowest points are dropped.
The total of the then three remaining points per jump is then multiplied by the difficulty factor.

Learn to dive

To start learning it, first of all it is useful if you know that you are not afraid of heights. This sport requires a lot of guts, perseverance and enthusiasm.
If you're just starting out, you don't start right on the 10 meter tower. This is built up slowly, and often starts with jumps from the water's edge.
Often there is also dry training, for example in a gym. Diving training is not provided in every swimming pool. There must be the necessary springboards and a tower.